Visually-Related Learning Problem

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A true story that we often experience

Jacob, as a second grader, was having learning problems in school. Reading was the most difficult. He was thought to possibly be dyslexic. He would substitute or even guess at words when trying to read, reading comprehension was poor. Reading was more of a task than a pleasure. School could, at times, be frustrating and he was becoming more anxious.

A full vision exam was done on one day and then on another a developmental vision work-up was done. Although he had 20/20 visual acuity it was found that Jacob had a visually-related learning problem. Jacob had trouble coordinating his vision with his balance, his eye tracking ability was very poor, and he had trouble sustaining his focus on work at a near distance.

Jacob was prescribed glasses for school related work including reading and was entered into a Vision Therapy program. There was a large assortment of things to be done in therapy and it wasn’t all sitting down.

After 24 office therapy visits, Jacob had met the therapy goals and was completed. Jacob looked the same and acted the same but he was a much more confident kid. Jacob’s mother wrote: “Jacob had a very difficult time in school with reading. At the beginning of the school year he was two grade levels behind in reading. He really disliked reading because it was so difficult for him. By the end of the school year, Jacob was reading at the current grade level. He developed much more confidence at school. Jacob began to enjoy reading and would be excited to get new books and read them at home in his free time. Vision Therapy has been a wonderful, positive experience for Jacob!”

  • Dr. Joseph M. Pederzolli, optometric vision therapist formerly in North Lima, now in Alliance, Ohio